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Low Maintenance Garden Plants Nz Dismiss annuals and labour intensive perennials. Gardening Solutionz has a unique approach helping you to find the right plants for your garden.

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Low maintenance garden plants nz. Attaining that low maintenance garden is easier than you might think. Plant mostly evergreen shrubs groundcovers and succulents. The average homeowner with a garden to fill also cant go wrong with flax succulents New Zealand Cushion Bush and tussocks.

Simply plant in average garden soil and bait for slugs and snails or spray for deer and rabbits should those critters be a nuisance in your garden. Once established they require basically no maintenance. And remember there is always a gardening expert near you who can be of assistance.

Flowers are worth including for seasonal interest ideally in pots at the front door door or up on trees. Keep it below a metre or grow it tall for privacy. And they often self-seed.

The fewer you have the lower the maintenance will be. 13 of the best NZ native ground cover plants. This pretty and hardy member of the Iris family is endemic to New Zealand only found naturally within New Zealand.

Matapouri Blue is a beautiful blue-green form. In this epic list of 50 of the best low maintenance plants you can choose from edibles climbers container varieties and wildlife-friendly picks all of which will ensure your low maintenance garden ideas not only look good but are easy to look after too. To get a truly low maintenance garden theres one simple but radical thing to do limit the number of different plants you have.

The golden totara Podocarpus totara Aurea has stood the test of time as an excellent low-maintenance hedge. We understand you are looking for plants to match your various garden environment so we have created the following Solutionz from our extensive range of garden plants to make it easy for you. A lovely totara hedge could be seen as New Zealands answer to the Irish yew Taxus baccata.

10 garden plants even you cant kill. For gardeners seeking lower maintenance plants hosta are a winner as they will continue to thrive getting steadily larger even without being divided. Theyre easy care and look great both in and out of flower.

HYDRANGEA PEE WEE - an outstanding variety of hydrangea for the low maintenance garden - masses of white flowers that hang like a bunch of grapes and beautiful colours on the foliage in autumn. Avoid deadheading as the flowers will drop off themselves and new flowers will form on the same flower spikes. Another must-have annual for sunny cottage gardens cosmos offers ferny foliage and daisy-like flowers in shades of pink magenta white yellow and orange.

The plants dont mind hot dry locations so theyre ideal for low-maintenance gardens too. Fortunately eco-friendly sterile and low-fertility hybrids are now available in a range of sizes in. AJUGA BLACK SCALLOP - a super groundcover where its shady and damp.

Look for self cleaning shrubs which drop their petals when spent and dont need deadheading.

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