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Garden Trough Planting Ideas Copper will set off red foliage while yellow will highlight a. -a coarse sand as a base material 65.

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Garden trough planting ideas. At a height of 24 inches each trough provides a luxurious depth of soil to promote root growth of vegetables and herbs. - composted pine bark or some other organic material 15. Put down wood chipsrocks around the troughs to keep weeds down.

Photograph by Marla Aufmuth for Gardenista. Rowlinson Garden Creations Tall Wooden Garden Planter 3x2 09x06m Boasting both strength and style the elegant Rowlinson Planter 600mm x 900mm x 300mm provides the perfect home for your plants and flowers to thrive. Two troughs with a small footprinteach is 2 feet wide and 6 feet longsit side by side in the yard behind a San Francisco row house in a garden created by designer Katey Mulligan.

See more ideas about planters trough planters elevated gardening. That way you can shift. The Helichrysums coralloides and selago make compact yet stately additions to the trough garden and are interesting focal points with their woolly whipcord foliage and yellow daisy flowers.

For troughs I use. You can use an old pallet with wheels attached as a base for your water trough. The deep green form is often called Irish moss and the yellowish version is known as Scotch moss.

Both make excellent trough garden plants providing an attractive groundcover with delicate white blooms. Paint your water troughs to accent your garden. It has slender green leaves on a mat-forming plant with.

Aug 4 2016 - Our selection of trough-shaped planters. Garden Troughs Garden Planter Boxes Wooden Garden Planters Diy Planters Planters Shade Concrete Garden Planter Ideas Concrete Planters Flower Planters Reclaimed French Oak Staccato Planter Overlapping planks of reclaimed French oak highlight the beauty of the wood in this versatile planter the dark end grain giving the pattern a staccato rhy. Arrange a few architectural rocks to suit the scale and eye.

This raised planter is made from premium timber with a beautiful natural finish. Plant your seeds or seedlings. Irish moss thrives in rocky well-drained soil.

See more ideas about garden design garden garden troughs. This is a physically heavy mix but it provides long-lasting stable structure and nutrition for the plants. The New Zealand flora has a number of specimen plants to offer for trough lovers.

Fill the trough with the compost leaving a gap of 2cm ¾in to accommodate a grit dressing after planting. A reasonable substitute would be greensand which may be easier to source. Ideas for Using Water Troughs in the Garden Color.

These were all from seed but you could use seedlings from the store or your indoor starts as well. Plant your selection a little high when planting leave space for the 2cm ¾in deep collar of sharp grit or. In these troughs I have planted carrots radishes beets cucumbers spaghetti squash and zucchini.

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